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Spatial design using spatial design tools.

Hi, my name's Ewan, and I'm a trans artist based in the LA Metropolitan Area! I've been creating VR art since 2016 and am excited to help bring some magic to the Metaverse. ✨

By taking an inside-out approach to VR worldbuilding, I create environment, character, and creature design that can be explored in-headset from a user perspective - before even touching a gaming engine. Contact me if you're interested in immersive 3D art for 360 Videos, pitch decks, or as direct exports into 3D programs.

Ask me about how to meet in MultiBrush or Gravity Sketch for live, in-VR collaboration!

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The Portal Engine Halloween World Endless Flow

Hi, I'm Daniela Friedson-Trujillo
— but you can call me Dani

I'm an XR designer, producer, and director. Click here to check out my portfolio.

Stuff I'm great at:

  • Leading production design teams Developing project architectures Building scalable design systems *Complex application design with HCI insights

Things I've built:

  • Cross-platform AR & VR games VR training simulations AR filters (web & social) 3D models and textures Interactive UI's (web, desktop, mobile, kiosks) Optimized photogrammetry and LIDAR scans Volumetric captures

Tools I use:

  • Unity, Unreal Spark, Lens Studio, Effect House, Zappar, Vuforia Blender, Substance Adobe (Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro) Figma, Adobe XD Miro, Asana, Trello Depthkit, Polycam

Clients I've worked with:

  • AT&T Imagine Dragons Coca-Cola Warner Brothers Dallas Cowboys Chicago Bulls US Men's National Soccer Team Hill's Pet Nutrition ANDx VLMY&R CAA Federal Aviation Society (FAA) National Institute of Health (NIH)

Wanna chat? Shoot me an email at


I'm a digital creative - I make paintings and AR effects, and sometimes blend the two together.

I'm available for projects making Snapchat lenses and can do simple 3D modelling and animation for them if required. See some of my work below, or go to these links:


You can find all the AR lenses I've made on my Snapchat Official Lens Creator profie.

What I really want to do is make music lenses. If you have a lens that you want to make and it has music, please reach out!

Here's a playlist I made of some songs that I like.

Here's a music lens I made called "Pangea" where your face falls apart.


Making XR in Unity work.

Open for XR developer positions.

Lets talk about: Multiplayer networking, XR interactions, game management, project organization, run time optimization, multi platform deployment, development pipelines, the profiler, Animator, Maya, Sound design, and Futurism!

A curious [AR]tist & 2D animator!

I have 7 years of experience animating for advertising, prior to which I directed and animated music videos, worked on documentaries, and made award-winning films.

My AR specialty is Instagram filters, which I can concept/design/model and code. Past clients include Disney, World of Warcraft, and Netflix, among others.

>>Check out my animation reels!<<

>>IG Filters<<


  • Instagram filters (Spark AR)
  • 2D character animation
  • After Effects / Motion Graphics
  • Creative / Art Direction
  • Lowpoly design / modeling / rigging / texturing / animation

Here are some of my AR projects:


AR-enabled drink coasters with different Worlds that change depending on time of day and season!


RC Kaiju

Community gARden

Find me on the web!

Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn | Website

Adriana Vecchioli is a French-Italian XR designer, director and actress. Based in Paris and Los Angeles, she speaks 5 languages. 

Formerly a software engineer, she left Twitter to follow her passion for filmmaking. Blending cutting-edge technology with artistry, Adriana designed immersive experiences for Warner Bros., NBA, The Hunger Games, Coachella, Snapchat and many more.

Her work has been exhibited at SXSW and in London, Paris, Barcelona and Los Angeles. She’s an alumna of UCLA TFT and UCB in LA, ESCP Europe and Cours Florent in Paris.

She’s written, fundraised and directed three award-winning short films, all of which she also starred in because she’s a monster.

Hello, Traveller

I started AR House and am currently building our creator-first metaverse that combines AR, Web3, & NFTs. If you're interested in making your space, brand, or product more immersive while also making money, hmu 📧

Here's a few of my creations ✨

Glam Quest

Snapchat Lens Game


Blue Sky Paint

World-wide collaborative art project, first app with sky occlusion IMAGE_ALT

Word Vomit 3D

Google Search of AR, first app with meshing collisions IMAGE_ALT


Shoot for the stars